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Holiday with friends in SPA hotel Elbrus
How to get to the nice hotel in Velingrad?

Find a way to travel to Velingrad. You can choose between a personal car, train or bus. In each of the options your path passes through beautiful places. Once you reach the city, you should find Khan Asparuh Boulevard. It's pretty easy. Khan Asparuh Boulevard starts from the eastern end of Velingrad (from where you enter the city). Then it passes through the center and leads west, to the Ladjene district. And there, at 116 Khan Asparuh Blvd., the Elbrus Spa Hotel awaits you.

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Reception SPA Hotel Elbrus: +359 5 32 39 and +359 886 101 229
Manager of SPA Hotel Elbrus: +359 889 301 116 or +359 988 344 809 / E-mail: manager@hotelelbrus.com

* Write to us at E-mail: reservation@hotelelbrus.com


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