Personal data processing

Personal data processing

Dear customers of SPA hotel Elbrus,

According to Art. 116 of the Bulgarian Tourism Act, we are personal data administrators with regard to the personal data you provide us with. Administering your personal data is done with a single objective – the provision of qualitative and secure tourist services through our website (online) or directly in our hotel. Your comfort and trust are our highest priority in this context. As a policy, we always treat your personal information as confidential and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as with the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act.

You can obtain information about our personal data processing policy from our website. This policy defines the way in which we process personal data online and physically, and which customer information is collected and analyzed. The policy strictly outlines how the collected information, involving personal data is used, shared, processed, deleted, limited or pseudonymized. It also indicates cookies and other technologies, which may be used in our applications.

When you enter the web-site of our hotel, you will be informed about the use of “cookies” for the purposes of analysis and marketing, and with referral to our Personal Data Confidentiality Declaration.

Through the use of this website you give your permission with regard to the collection and use of your personal data, as described expressly in the Personal Data Confidentiality Declaration. Your agreement happens through a click in a specified checkbox, after which you will receive an automatic e-mail marking the beginning of administration of your personal data by our hotel.

Please be kindly informed, that our hotel regularly updates the Personal Data Confidentiality Declaration, in line with changes in legislation. In case of a change we will publish the updated version of this Personal Data Confidentiality Declaration on our website.