SPA price




in BGN
Whole-body underwater massage /vortex tub/ 20 25
Partial underwater massage /vortex tub/ 20 15
Pearl tub with curative salts and bio oils 20 15
Whirl tub with curative salts and bio oils 20 15
A tub with mountain herbs 20 15
A tub for two 30 25
Ionic detoxication of the feet 30 15
Application of lye from Pomorie  30   20 
Application of mud from Pomorie  30  20

Curative massage
/deep tissue massage aiming to take away the pain due to a special complex of curative oils/

 40 45
Classic massage
/relaxing and tone-giving massage, stimulating the immune system, made with almond oil suitable for every type of skin / 
 40 45
Aroma massage
/made manually to relax the muscles while the ethereal oils will take care of the skin and your conscience/ 
 40 50
Rhodopean massage
/feel the spirit of the Rhodopi mountains with local ecologically pure oils of lavender, pine wood or thyme/ 
 40 50
Hot chocolate massage
/natural chocolate cheers you up and makes you relax and at the same time takes care of your skin, making it smoother and velvety/ 
  40 50
Natural Balkan honey massage
/Balkan honey has got strong antibiotic effect, it is easily absorbed by the skin, feeding and hydrating it/ 
 40 50
Forest fruit massage
/ grown in the clear Rhodopean forests, touched by the soft rays of the sun, these small fruit present you with their unbelievable antioxidant effect, C and E vitamins as well/ 
 40 50
Hot volcanic rocks massage
/harmonizing energy massage, which neutralizes negative energy/ 
60  60
Hamam massage
/traditional Turkish massage consisting of tender rubbing your body with a pouch and light massage with foam/ 
 60  65
Pilling massage
/cleaning the entire body with exfoliates for clean and shining skin/ 
 20 23
Herb pilling
/pilling with bilateral effect, scrubbing clears up the skin while the fine herbal pieces feed it up/ 
20 23
Haiduk massage
/traditional Bulgarian massage for pulling off the skin with cups aimed to improve the peripheral circulation of the blood and the lymph stream/ 
20 28
Partial massage of the neck collar  10 15
Partial classic massage  20 15
Partial aroma massage  25 30
Zonal curative massage  30 35
Indian massage of the head
/far-east massage of the neck collar, scalp and acupressure of the face to eliminate energy inter locks/ 
20 30
Reflex therapy of the feet
/acupressure method to influence the entire organism stimulating the reflector areas on the feet/ 
 25 35
Detoxicating massage with Balkan honey on the back of the body
/honey massage is one of the most useful for the human organism. It acts simultaneously as curative, relaxing and detoxicating massage/ 
20 30
/zone massage for treatment of problem areas/ 
20 35
Tired Legs therapy
/lymph draining massage, followed by mint compress for varicose veins/ 
40  35
Chocolate Fairy-scene therapy
/therapy giving long-term silk-smooth skin effect combining exfoliating and moving massage/ 
50  55
Call of Dionysius ritual
/tub, pilling and massage. Visibly recovering the skin, restoring its elasticity/ 
 60 65 
Phytoslim anti-cellulite therapy
/natural complex, combining chilly, caffeine and guarana extracts. New silhouette without diets and restrictions/ 
60 65
Orpheus mystic herb ritual
/The East meets the Rhodopi mountain to present an unbelievably harmonizing ritual using the technique of the ancient Pina Sveda and the natural herbs of the Rhodopes/ 
50 55
Lomi Lomi ritual
/an exotic massage with exquisitely tender, affectionate and graceful movements connecting the heart, hands and soul in one. New vital balance for the body/ 
50 60
Ray ritual
/The ancient Thracian goddess Ray shares the secrets of her beauty. A milk filled tub, fresh-cream pilling and cream massage enriched with honey and milk proteins/
70 65
Nice Rhodope ritual
/As the legend goes about the unearthly beauty of Rhodope. Today we discover it in the mighty charm of the Rhodopi mountains. The herbs growing here present you a pathetic ritual. A herb tub, pilling and toning massage/ 
70 65
The Strength of Minerals ritual
/a mineral tub and mask massage with natural mountain clay rich in iron, zinc, magnesium and a multitude of minerals to feed, regenerate and tighten the skin/ 
60 55
The Herbs’ Secret therapy
/therapy performed with herbs’ extracts and other natural ingredients, which provides oxygen to the skin and regulates water-lipidic balance/ 
60 60
Radiant Skin Therapy
/warm compress, cleaning milk, tonic, exfoliant, massage of the face, neck and neck line/
30 35
Bulgarian rose therapy
/Deeply hydrating therapy for radiant shin with natural Bulgarian rose oils. Purifies, restores and makes the skin smooth/
50 55
Milk and Honey therapy
/makes the skin of the face and neck look younger, with the miraculous influence of milk and honey on dry and sensitive skin/ 
45 50
Yoghurt therapy
/therapy using yoghurt ferment and milk proteins in combination with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, the Bulgarian bacteria, it is suitable for any type of skin/ 
50 60
Anti acne therapy
/therapy with active components such as rosemary, sea salts and natural active substances, regulating the sebum secretion and contracting the enlarged pores/ 60 60
60  60
Intensive rejuvenating therapy 30+
/Therapy with micro-exfoliating, hydrating and anti-oxidant components such as grape seed oil, collagen, Q10 and coenzyme. Enjoy that therapy activating the natural regenerating processes of the skin. Tightens up the skin and slows down ageing./ 
 60 60
Specific procedures    
Nougat-best- massage bed    10
Thermal Aquapark   5
Aqua zone for outsiders    
Mineral water pool and Jacuzzi    20
Thermal Aquapark    15
Steam bath    10
Infra red sauna    10
Fitness hall    5