SPA price




Service Duration Price (BGN)
Underwater Full Body Massage / Tangentor / 20 min 30
Partial Underwater Massage / Tangentor / 10 min 20
Scrub Bath with Polishing Effect 20 min 20
Pearl Bath with Essential Oils and Salts 20 min 20
Whirlpool Bath with Essential Oils and Salts 20 min 20
Herbal Bath 20 min 20
Couples Bath with Essential Oils or Salts /Hydromassage with Thermal Water, providing energy, improving breathing, strengthening the immune system / 30 min 30
Ionic Foot Detox 30 min 15
Application with Pomorie Mud 30 min 20
Halotherapy in a Salt Cave /Effective for treating various conditions such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, nasal polyps, smoker's cough, emphysema, ear otitis, hay fever, rhinitis, sinusitis/ 40 min 30
Classic Massage 45 min 60
Aroma Massage 45 min 65
Therapeutic Full Body Massage 55 min 70
Hot Volcanic Stone Massage 60 min 75
Hammam Massage 60 min 75
Massage with Warm Chocolate 40 min 60
Balkan Honey Massage 40 min 60
Peeling Massage 20 min 40
Aroma Candle Massage 50 min 65
Chinese Acupressure "Tui-Na" 50 min 65
Neck Partial Massage 10 min 20
Magnesium Partial Massage 20 min 40
Partial Classic Massage 20 min 35
Haydushki Massage 20 min 35
Zone Therapeutic Massage 30 min 45
Foot Reflexology 20 min 40
Indian Head Massage 20 min 40
Detoxifying Honey Back Massage 20 min 35
Anti-Cellulite Massage 25 min 45
Children's Massage "Top Student" 30 min 40
Spa Therapy "Chocolate Fairy" /Silky smooth skin therapy with long-lasting effect, combining gentle exfoliation with a relaxing massage/ 50 min 60
Therapy "Tired Legs" /Lymphatic drainage massage followed by a mint compress for dilated and varicose veins/ 40 min 40
Ritual "Green Tea" /Gentle peeling that cleanses the skin and stimulates fat burning. Full body massage, boosting the immune defenses of the body/ 60 min 75
Anti-Cellulite Therapy "PhytoSlim" /Natural complex combining extracts of chili, caffeine, and guarana. New silhouette! No diets or restrictions!/ 55 min 65
Mystical Ritual "Orpheus" /The East and the Rhodope Mountains meet to present an incredibly harmonizing ritual derived from the technique of ancient Pindasveda and the native herbs of the Rhodopes/ 70 min 80
Hawaiian Happiness Ritual "Lomi Lomi" /Exotic massage to connect the heart, hands, and soul. New life balance for the body/ 50 min 65
Gourmet Therapy "Coco-Choco" /Therapy starting with a gentle peeling of coconut particles to cleanse the skin, transitioning to a relaxing massage with warm chocolate and finishing with a body wrap. The chocolate mask makes the skin soft and velvety, improves its elasticity, and enhances mood/ 60 min 70
Ritual "Beautiful Rhodope" /Legend tells of the unearthly beauty of the Rhodope Mountains. Today, discover the beauty and the mighty charm of the Rhodope Mountains. The herbs that have grown here gift you with a sensual ritual. The ritual includes: Gentle peeling and stimulating fat-burning massage/ 60 min 70
Cosmetic Procedures for the Face "Radiant Skin" /Warm compress; cleansing milk; tonic; exfoliant; face, neck, and décolleté massage/ 30 min 40
Cosmetic Procedures for the Face "Bulgarian Rose" /Deeply hydrating therapy with natural oils from Bulgarian roses/ 50 min 55
Cosmetic Procedures for the Face "Honey and Milk" /Rejuvenating therapy for the face, neck, and décolleté with the magical effect of honey and milk/ 45 min 55
Cosmetic Procedures for the Face "Yogurt" /Active regenerating therapy with milk starter culture and milk proteins to improve complexion/ 50 min 50
Anti-Acne Therapy /Therapy with active ingredients like rosemary and sea salts regulating sebum secretion and shrinking enlarged pores/ 60 min 60
Intensive Gold Rejuvenating Therapy /Indulge in this therapy that activates the skin's natural rejuvenating processes. Tightens facial skin and delays aging/ 60 min 65
Diamond Microdermabrasion /The therapy is used for cleaning and refreshing the skin by gently removing the upper layer of cells. As a result, scars are erased, pigment spots are lightened, and fine wrinkles are smoothed/ 30 min 45
Oxygen Mesotherapy /Needle-free rejuvenating therapy for the face, saturating the skin with 99% pure oxygen. Shrinks pores and capillaries, lightens dark circles under the eyes, brightens the face, and nourishes and hydrates the skin/ 60 min 70
Radiofrequency Face Lift /Therapy for improving skin structure, lifting the facial contour, and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Stimulates microcirculation in tissues, smoothes fine wrinkles, and rejuvenates facial skin/ 60 min 80
Hyperbaric Oxygenation in Barochamber 40 min 60
Nuga Best Massage Bed 40 min 15
Thermal Aquapark Adult /Daily fee/ - 5
Thermal Aquapark Child /Daily fee/ - 3
SPA Package /Pools, steam bath, sauna, and fitness/ - 40
Pools with Mineral Water and Jacuzzi - 25
Use of Thermal Aquapark for External Clients - 16
Steam Bath - 10
Infrared Sauna - 10
Finnish Sauna - 10
Fitness Halls - 10
Bathrobe - 5