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Everywhere in the hotel there is mineral water, which comes directly from the “Valiova Banya” mineral spring. The water is successfully applied in the healing of many diseases such as rheumatism, joint pain, osteoporosis, etc., stomach illness and kidney diseases. The perfect match between the mineral water and the clean air will repair the balance between body and nature.
Life as we know it has developed from water, therefore it is the most powerful source of elements, which can comfort your health.
For this purpose, the SPA center offers the following procedures:
SPA Procedures

Vapor Sauna - /Roman bath/- wet sauna in combination with aromatherapy for complete relaxation.

Infrared Sauna – a relaxing way to cleanse your body through sweating and eliminating the toxins, while not stressing your heart
Water pool and Jacuzzi with mineral water
Turkish bath – a pleasant comfort for the guests
Finish Sauna – detoxication of your body
Pearl bath with salts and seaweeds – a sea pleasure, which mineralizes the body and enriches the skin with oxygen
Storm bath with salts and seaweeds reduces weight, energizes and hardens your body.
Whirlpool bath gives you underwater massage, which is combined with balneology
Bath for two with its relieving aroma awaits your romantic experience
Classical massage/full and partial/
Massage with volcanic rocks – energy massage with warm volcanic rocks, extracted through original methods from a highly energized region in America. They clean the organism and balance its energy levels.
Aroma massage – full body massage, chromo and aroma therapy
Chocolate and honey therapy, which fight the stress and esthetic problems of the body
Mud and lye therapy, which will give a positive effect over more than 40 diseases of the bones, muscles and joints, the nerve and reproductive systems


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Physiotherapy at SPA hotel Elbrus, Velingrad


In SPA hotel Elbrus there is a well equipped physiotherapy with a medical office. It offers diversity of physiotherapy procedures such as iono foreza, magnetic therapy, medical vacuum, healing procedures etc.

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Our SPA center offers the following programs and procedures:

SPA Procedures

SPA Capsule – unsurpassable spa experience, a combination of vapor, infrared light, hydro massage, sound, aromas and light Vapor Sauna - /Roman bath/- wet sauna in combination with aromatherapy for complete relaxation.

Entertainment at SPA hotel Elbrus, Velingrad.
What entertainments do we offer


SPA hotel Elbrus, Velingrad offers its visitors different kinds of entertainment - horse riding, photohunt and ride with bike.